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We work with


Digital Village operates as an agency for local freelancers. Suggesting the right freelance profile to suit the clients businesses requirements.


We offer industry proffessionals contracts to work with businesses that require specialised advice.


Digital Village provides customised packages to suit your service provisions. Totally managed outsourcing solutions to keep quality and effeciency up while keeping costs down.


If you have successfully founded a startup and want to support the Australian startup community, we invite you to get in touch to discuss how you can help and how we can make it worth your time.

To provide the best solution for

We develop strategic mixes of outsourcing and local expertise to offer high value solutions.
You choose what suits you.

Start Ups

We provide industry specific mentors to consult in strategy and goal setting and then provide you with an outsourced team to assist where needed. We can provide you with the tools, resources and guidance you need to get your idea off the ground.

Small Business

Provides Australian Freelancers to consult and project manage your digital marketing and outsourced team to keep quality up and costs down. Your one point of contact overseas your project to assure quality and direct digital marketing activites to suit your business. Result: High quality jobs at affordable pricing.

Medium Business

Provides digital industry proffessional contractors to provide strategy and solutions in business automation, marketing campaigns and general website maintance. By providing a mixture of highly experienced management and utelising the benifits of outsourcing time consuming work, your business recieves high quality solutions at a reasonable price. The new way of business!

How does it work?

To complete digital projects properly with no corners being cut, takes a lot of time and many considerations as more variables enter the realm such as varying devices, platforms, mediums, expectations, integrations etc. This can be a very expensive experience for businesses and as a result, often can’t afford the investment and don’t capitalise on the benefits of having a perfectly implemented digital strategy.

Digital Village provides the perfect mix of strategy and development through appropriate local service providers and outsourcing to Digital Villages' team in India.

Digital Village provides Australian service providers such as freelancers, agencies and consultants with highly skilled resources from overseas. A particular team with a required skill set is arranged to assist the service provider to complete projects at a better price with no jeopardisation of quality.

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